For 35+ yrs Rudy Moelans worked for a large utility company in different departments.
He has over 16 yrs of LM6000/2500 gas turbines experience.
His background is Electronics and he specialized in Control System Maintenance and Troubleshooting and LM6000/2500 DLE control. Now he is an independent consultant based in Belgium.


If you think you’ve seen it all, you’re wrong!
The next problem will be again a new one.

Company reference list:



Electrabel Belgium I&C Maintenance Team for the LM6000DLE Fleet
E.ON UK Training – DLE Mapping – Troubleshooting – Remote Assistance
E.ON Blux Training – DLE Mapping – Software Modifications
Rhodia France Training
Enmax Canada Training – Remote Assistance
Lukoil Russia DLE Mapping
Statoil Norway Training – Technical Audits – RAM Projects
Edison Italy Technical Audit – RAM Software Improvement Projects