Moelans bvba is specialized in performing I&C Technical Audits (TA) of LM6000/2500 installations.

This is a 5 to 7 days total I&C investigation using a large fleet of high-end Instrumentation Tooling.

The purpose of a Technical Audit is to investigate the whole I&C area of the gas turbine and control system in order to:

  • Find possible contributors to spurious trips.
  • Check the quality of the sensor loop signals – signal purity checks.
  • Check all the connections in junction boxes and Control System cabinets.
  • Check the hardware of the Control System
  • Establish a quality base line reference that can be used for improvement projects.

Also part of the TA are:

  • Loop calibrations
  • On-Engine instrumentation checks to rigid criteria
  • Fuel Skid checks
  • Step response time checks
  • Calibration of the Variable Geometry
  • DLE Mapping Check (in case of 7 days TA).

As a result of the TA a comprehensive report will be generated.

The customer gets a very detailed overview about the quality of his I&C installation.

The customer also will be advised on possible improvements and or how to improve the preventive maintenance practices.


Another high-end service of Moelans bvba is: RAM Projects.

RAM stands for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability.

The purpose of these projects is to increase the Reliability and Availability figures of a LM6000/2500 DLE installation.

The results of the Technical Audits can be used as input and start of the project design.

Possible RAM Projects can be:

  • Hardware redundancy
  • Added Software Intelligence
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Maintenance Practices